Newspaper: microsoft launches store network in europe

In the coming year the opening of several businesses is planned. Before that, however, the development of the american microsoft store should be put on the test stand, it said, citing an informed person.

Since 2001, apple has built up a network of around 400 shops. They are both a showcase for devices such as iphones, ipads and macs and an important source of revenue. Initially ridiculed as a foray by the company into an area it knows nothing about, apple stores now generate the highest sales per square meter in the industry. In germany, there are ten apple stores so far, with the opening of a store in berlin expected soon.

Microsoft is currently using its US store to promote its first tablet, the surface, and the new windows 8 operating system. In addition, the software company wants to establish its xbox game console as an entertainment center in the living room that can also be demonstrated in the shops. At the launch of windows 8, the group also tried out additional mobile points of sale.

Just a few weeks ago, microsoft store in europe hours not currently on the agenda. Outside the USA, the company has operations in canada and puerto rico.

At the same time, microsoft has a different starting position than rivals such as apple or samsung: the company has so far focused on software, while the devices were built by hardware partners. The surface was a first step towards the company’s own gerate production. According to US media reports, microsoft is also thinking about its own smartphone. However, it said that this is only a backup plan in case the current model with partners like nokia fails.