Bavarian nature tour opens in iphofen

Bavarian nature tour opens in iphofen

Iphofen offers its visitors not only exquisite wine enjoyment. Due to its diversity of species and varied structure, the town's middle forest is also a special feature. Government president paul beinhofer was convinced of this on saturday, when he opened this year's "bavarian nature tour" with a hike along a new forest nature trail opened in lower franconia.

Around 60 hikers had set out on saturday morning. In addition to interested nature lovers, representatives of municipalities, associations and state institutions were also on hand. Under the expert guidance of city forester rainer fell, they explored the new forest nature trail in iphof's city forest. It leads not only through a charming forest and meadow landscape. In the future, hikers will also learn interesting facts about the middle forest on information boards.

Information pavilion next to the forest parking lot

The destination and starting point of the three-kilometer-long circular trail is an information pavilion next to the "bildeiche" forest parking lot was built between iphofen and birklingen. Roof and walls are already in place, so that the topping-out ceremony could be celebrated on saturday. It should be finally finished by june. Information boards and display cases will provide a lot of interesting information about the middle forest.

The new nature trail is not only an additional leisure activity for tourists and hikers. "It could also be used by school classes", said city forester fell on saturday. If desired, the city would like to offer expert guided tours. To this end, the city's guest guides will be trained accordingly.

Several stumps excavated

Information pavilion and nature trail are part of the LIFE-project "forests and forest meadow valleys on the edge of the steigerwald near iphofen", which is required by the EU. One of the goals is to increase the diversity of species. For example, several stumps were excavated.

"It will provide a habitat for amphibians such as the rare yellow-bellied toad", explained felix schmitt from project management. In addition, nesting heaps for deer chaff were erected. "We hope that they will lay their eggs there and that the young oats will fly out in six to seven years", so schmitt.

Compared to other forests, the iphof middle forest has a rough diversity of species. This is due to the fact that for centuries it was used in a traditional way: the undergrowth was cut every 30 years for firewood, the so-called "topwood" – especially oak – was allowed to grow for a long time until the wood was processed. "This provides a habitat for many different species at different levels", explained district chairman robert endres of the national association for bird protection. Such a diversity of species is not found in other forests.

Ocology and economy in harmony

Ecology and economy in forestry are not a contradiction for the district chairman – just as they are not for urban forester rainer fell. "If you take ecological concerns into account, you can reconcile the two.", says the latter. For example, deadwood can be left lying around, rare species of wood such as aspen or service tree can be demanded, or "biotope trees" can be planted received with spear throats. Thanks to the strong demand and increased wood prices, the iphof municipal forest can be managed in a way that covers its costs.

The importance of safeguarding the natural foundations of life and preserving biodiversity was also emphasized by government president beinhofer. "Iphofen is embedded in a great cultural and natural landscape," he said, he said.

By participating in the LIFE project and preserving the species-rich middle forest, the town of iphofen is making an important contribution to sustainability. For this, he expressed his thanks to mayor josef mend () and all others involved in the project.