Gasoline prices on the internet: a lot of effort, hardly any effect

As well? The tranzparence sets in too late. A large number of oil companies supply all the gas stations in germany, including the independent ones. The lucrative deals are made beforehand by this oligopoly. In which high is unknown. There is hardly any room for maneuver when it comes to the price of gasoline at the pump. Even the new transparency is of little use. The prices are not made at the gas stations on site.

The big mineral oil companies have their own central price departments that deal with this on a daily basis and control everything centrally, at the push of a button. The only difference the new location makes is that you no longer have to have your local gas station operators keep an eye on your competitors' prices. It's now easy to do on the internet.

And the driver? He can get a liter a penny cheaper if he goes to another gas station two streets away in town. He has hardly saved anything in the process, only polluting the environment a little more at times. Rough price jumps will probably be a thing of the past in the near future. But the elections will be over soon – so the new authority had to start quickly now.