Dsl is unlocked

In the presence of mayor jurgen karle and HAB-net project manager siegel, the first HAB-net customer was connected to the stadtwerke network. In ramsthal, the first customers have already been connected to the new fiber-optic network. In the presence of mayor franz buttner, the broadband sponsor mrs. Borst and representatives of the hammelburg public utility company, the high-speed internet was symbolically activated.
This means that all households in wartmannsroth and ramsthal now have access to bandwidths of up to 16 mbit/s. For this purpose, the existing cable junctions in the districts of heiligkreuz, heckmuhle, volkersleier and waizenbach were upgraded with fiber optics using DSLAM technology.
In order to use the faster line, it is necessary to switch to the hammelburg public utility company. To make this as simple as possible for the customers, the existing telecom line is used for the house supply itself. The cost of hiring this so-called "last mile the municipal utilities. The municipality of wartmannsroth contributed to the expansion as part of the bavarian broadband initiative, the remaining costs were covered by stadtwerke hammelburg gmbh.
"We are making a lot of effort to make the countryside attractive for our citizens. This also includes a good broadband connection", said karle. The rapidly growing demand for fast and reliable bandwidths documents the necessity of such investments for the rural area. Buttner agrees: "we see the investment in broadband expansion as an investment in the future of our community. It is good that now really the whole place has the possibility of fast and future-proof internet connection."