Power line electrified again

In its meeting, the municipal council again dealt with the planning approval procedure for the replacement construction of the 380/110-kv high-voltage line on the eastern bavarian ring in the section between the redwitz substation and the mechlenreuth substation.

Mayor christian mrosek (CSU) informed that the ostbayernring is an already existing power line about 185 kilometers long. This line will run from redwitz via mechlenreuth and etzenricht to schwandorf in the upper palatinate. The pipeline was commissioned in the 1970s and is equipped with a 220 kv and a 380 kv circuit. The planned replacement structure will carry two 380 kv circuits and will also include sections of 110 kv lines from bayernwerk AG in the line. The eastern bavarian ring is planned purely as an overhead line.

Cleanup not feasible

The existing masts are statically insufficient for the uprising. Therefore, the new construction of the eastern bavarian ring road on the existing route was included in the federal requirement plan. The planned route runs parallel to the existing pipeline at a distance of about 110 meters. At obristfeld, it runs north of the existing line and moves away from the village, but closer to the settler’s farm. A part of the ebnether forest between pylons 8 and 9 will be spanned. The reconstruction of the existing pipeline is also part of the planning approval process.

In its statement, the municipal council rejects the replacement construction of the east bavarian ring road. There was a risk that variants 3 and 4 of the P44 mod would be built, which also went to mechlenreuth, because the new route of the eastern bavarian ring road, although newly built, would then suddenly be regarded as an existing road, which was to be given preference in the context of a bundling requirement. Furthermore, the community raises the following objections: it is unacceptable that lines are renewed or newly constructed in slices, which affect the community and the transformer station. The grid operators are requested to submit an overall concept for the redwitz substation. Furthermore, a new track through the ebnether forest will be rejected. This is an unacceptable further encroachment on nature . Even with the currently planned partial spanning, a rough track will be visible from redwitz. It is proposed that the ebneth forest be completely spanned in the event of construction. In addition, there are health concerns about the reinforcement of the network. Christian zorn (CSU) wants to raise the issue of the power line at all political levels.