Truck continues after accident and is stopped by motorists

Truck continues after accident and is stopped by motorists

Thanks to some motorists, a cursed accident perpetrator did not remain unknown. The driver of a semitrailer truck caused an accident at the biebelrieder junction near mainstockheim (lkr. Kitzingen) had a traffic accident with a passenger car and drove on without stopping. The driver of the car was slightly injured in the accident and the damage was about 8.000 euros caused.

Against 19.30 o’clock the semitrailer was driving on the right lane of the A 3 in the direction of frankfurt, according to the police report. To make it easier for another tractor-trailer to enter from the A7, he switched to the left. In doing so, he ignored a female opel driver who was following him, causing her to crash into the rear of his trailer. According to witnesses, the truck driver briefly reduced his speed, but then simply drove on.

According to the highway patrol, several car drivers immediately took up pursuit of the truck and were able to persuade the driver to stop at the next rest area. During the accident investigation, the 57-year-old told the police that he had not noticed the accident.

The 29-year-old opel driver was taken to a wurzburg hospital for outpatient treatment. Her car had to be towed away.

The driver was investigated for leaving the scene of an accident without permission and causing bodily injury, and he had to pay a security deposit.