Project day with bananas and cocoa

Project day with bananas and cocoa

The starting point for an unusual project day at volkach primary and secondary school was the town of volkach’s application for the title of "fair trade" town.

Schoolchildren, teachers and the school administration saw it as an exciting challenge to deal with the topic more intensively in various teaching areas and at the same time to support the city in its application.

So a small initial project was already started before christmas. Since then, students from class M10 cook and sell fair trade tea to their classmates once a week during recess. The proceeds go to a charitable cause.

Then the school family decided on a follow-up project to raise awareness of the issue among schoolchildren in general. The "eine-welt- laden" in volkach could be won as a cooperation partner. Some of the many volunteers immediately agreed to participate.

They moved their store to the school for the project day, presenting their products and informing students about their work. The middle school classes, together with their class leaders, had each worked intensively on a topic, prepared the appropriate boards and presented their results to their classmates in the auditorium in a varied and entertaining program.

The palette ranged from fair trade bananas to oranges, cocoa, chocolate, clothing and the production of fubbales, which are now produced in various countries and continents according to special fair trade guidelines and distributed in fair trade.

The children were made aware above all of the problem of child labor, the disastrous working conditions and the huge injustice in the distribution of the good on earth.

Teachers, schoolchildren and employees of the one-world store were very pleased with the campaign.