The 42.8 kilometers are a real adventure

The 42.8 kilometers are a real adventure

The race starts at the town hall: at seven o’clock sharp, mayor henry schramm sends the hikers on their way, assisted by district administrator klaus peter sollner and chief organizer markus franz. The participants set a brisk pace right from the start: the first march up the burgberg very drafty, and after just three quarters of an hour they arrive at the rank farmer’s house in tennach.

A brisk pace

The event continues apace: the first participants arrive at the melkendorf sports center for lunch sooner than expected. The sun comes through. Many take advantage of this to make themselves comfortable on the sports field. On the route you will be tasted at various stations. A team of 150 full-time employees and volunteers has ensured that everything goes off smoothly.

Burgherr and buttner

At 17 further stations the hikers can relax, but also experience something. On the plassenburg, for example, gunther limmer buried them early in the morning as lord of the castle. The buttners have posted themselves at the confluence of the main at steinenhausen. If you want, you can take a selfie – the backdrop will be beer drinkers, kruge and buttner in traditional costume. Bad luck for the water rescue service. The planned trip with the motorboat over the kieswasch falls into the water. The engine won’t start.

Some hikers take it easy, but many really go for it. Some of the helpers who have just started setting up the experience stations are surprised that some of the participants have already passed the passageway.

The hiking marathon ends up passing through the city of kulmbach. The destination is the city hall, where the adventure also began at 7 a.M.