Pipe bursts threaten in langensendelbach

Pipe bursts threaten in langensendelbach

In order to ensure that the drinking water remains flawless and germ-free, the langensendelbach municipal councils dealt with the topic of pipe replacement. The pipe networks in three road sections are to be rehabilitated permanently. Alexander durrschmidt informed in the meeting, how high the costs for a pipe replacement in the entire street "to the mountain" are. For this purpose, the pipe lengths were precisely determined and divided into three construction phases, durrschmidt reported.

Anfallig drove rohrbruche

In the first section – the "am weiher" branch – as well as section 2 up to the lindenstrabe the main lines are to be renewed on a total length of 370 meters with 19 house connections, eight main valves and three underground hydrants. The cost of these two sections is approximately 190 euros.000 euro. "In these two areas, explained durrschmidt "the pipes are the oldest and very prone to pipe bursts." There are no records of the age of the lines, despite research into their age. The continuing pipeline in section 3 – kochfeld/larchenstrabe – is newer and does not yet show any major problems with pipe bursts. Therefore, durrschmidt explained, it makes sense for economic reasons to build in the street "zum berg" up to the branch lindenstrabe as well as the branch "am weiher" to be replaced in 2019. The laying of empty pipes should be taken into account in the upcoming work.

For decades in the earth kingdom

Mayor oswald siebenhaar () stressed that this rehabilitation work was important because the supply lines had been buried in the ground for decades and had been badly affected by many factors such as deposits, culverts or burst pipes. Therefore, the supply of high quality water can no longer be guaranteed 100%. For this reason, the board unanimously decided to replace the pipes in sections 1 and 2 in 2019. Without further discussion, the council dealt with the urban land use planning in hetzles, effeltrich and baiersdorf. Here the community was informed about tree removals within the framework of the participation of the authorities and bearers of public interests. The council did not see any touching of their own concerns and did not raise any objections.