Habfurter falls for ebay scammer

Habfurter falls for ebay scammer

That's exactly why a man from the habberge district got into an awkward situation when he had to answer to the magistrate's court in habfurt on wednesday. Because he was able to prove to the judge that he had purchased the article in good faith, the case against him was finally dropped.
What happened? On christmas eve last year, of all days, a 42-year-old sold a hammer drill on an internet portal with. The tool was advertised as new in original packaging. The craftsman wanted to use the tool at home for his house and yard.

As is usually the case in these countries, the auction started at one euro. The man from the northern habbergs placed a maximum bid of 470 euros. New he had to put about 1000 euros for the high-quality machine on the counter. The craftsman was naturally pleased when he won the bid with 441 euros. He paid by bank transfer, and the product he had been promised was actually sent to him within a few days.

In rough style

However, his dismay at the supposed lucky purchase came to an end some time later. It turned out that the seller had stolen tools from his former employer and sold them on the internet platform.

In the meantime, the thief, who lives far away in the rhineland, was convicted of theft. The local buyer was summoned by the police, and the stolen goods were taken into custody by the officers. The hammer does not belong to him, but to the company as legal owner. So the money was gone and the goods too.

And that is not all. The unlucky man could not believe his eyes when he later received mail from the public prosecutor's office. The company reproached him for becoming bright-eyed at such a snapshot and presented him with a most unpleasant receipt: a penalty order for 1200 euros. Basis: section 259 of the penal code – receiving stolen goods. Whoever buys, obtains, disposes of or helps to dispose of a thing that has been stolen from another person is liable to prosecution. Fencing is punishable by imprisonment for up to five years or a fine.


The bruised buyer appealed this decision. His defender helmut gebhardt argued that new goods are often offered cheaply at internet auctions partly because they are discontinued or pre-owned models. In addition, he says, there is no guarantee with private suppliers, which puts downward pressure on the price. His client could therefore not have suspected that it was stolen property.

Judge roland wiltschka agreed with this opinion. The guilt was classified as small and the procedure was stopped. "The 441 euros", the presiding judge finally said to the man "that was enough to teach him a lesson. But in the future, you should be more careful with alleged snaps on the internet!".