Band wants to come out in a big way

There they fit exactly, on the U25-stage
– although they are still clearly under the given cut. Marcel is for example 19, and at the same time singer and guitarist of the newcomer band sunset after noon. "It would be great if we could get on with our music and make music full-time or part-time", he says, and the others agree with him. A first opportunity to find out where they stand will be next weekend at the "umsonst&" festival drauben"-festival (UUD) in wurzburg.
Philip, who founded the band four years ago, is just under a year older than marcel, just like frank and valentin. Together, the four want to show what they can do. So the U25 stage was just right for the guys. "There is one band from each county in the district, and the average age of the band is less than 25 years old", explains philip. He registered the band over the internet and so sunset after noon will play on saturday for the county of kitzingen.

Handmade music

At their performance they want to inspire people with their self-written songs. Their handmade music should convince the audience even without electronic or other rough changes. "We play about 20 minutes", tells philip. During this time they will perform four of their songs and hope for success. "We are looking for a sponsor to make more publicity for us", says frank. On the internet they are represented with a homepage and on facebook and myspace you can also find them.
And also for the future the band has a plan: "we have already made a first rehearsal recording and a second recording is in attack", marcel explains. But the opportunity to play at the umsonst& is not too bad playing the drauben festival is what drives the band. "It's nice to have a goal to work towards", says marcel. Once a week they rehearse for several hours. For this they got a small room in mainbernheim as rehearsal room from philips grobmutter.

Spab in the breaks

Frank sets the beat on the drums and sings with a lot of feeling on the side. Philip proves his musical talent on the guitar. Marcel supports both frank on vocals and philip with his guitar. Together with valentin on the bass guitar it can start then. The songs are based on a basic idea that one of the four had. Then they put the song together, write lyrics and make a few minor changes during rehearsals. Of course, the spab may not be missing anyway.
And how did the band get its name in the first place?? There is no special meaning for the band. "Frank and I did a kind of brainstorming", tells philip. The two of them had written names on a piece of paper and together they created the name sunset after noon. "It should already be pronounceable and easy to enter", tells philip.
Before their appearance the boys are not particularly nervous, however. "Shortly before, when you stand on the stage, comes the excitement", explains valentin. Here he speaks from experience, because the upcoming performance is not their first. They have already played at a band contest for up-and-coming talent, at the maypole erection in mainbernheim, at several birthdays and at carnival as an intermediate group. Another appearance at the kirchweih in mainbernheim is still to come. But especially through their performance on saturday, the guys hope to get some more fans and new gigs.