Crosswalk in bad kissingen simply cancelled: criticism of the regulation

Since the so-called new castle was rusted in for work, the stucco walkway along the facade facing maxstrabe is no longer usable because of the noise, as is the fubgangeruberweg. The crosswalk there was crossed out in yellow. Still, many people have to cross the road there. The section is part of the main road link between the saline parking lot and the city center.

25 people, who wanted to get from one side to the other, paid kast on monday within ten minutes.A person with a rollator needs seven seconds to cross, says kast. A car was traveling at 30 mph and was traveling almost ten meters per second. Where the scaffolding blocks the walkway, a sign still advises people to use the other side of the road. There is no offer of how to get to this other side safely.

Two possibilities

According to traffic law, explains lothar manger, traffic expert at the bad kissingen police department, it is permissible to make the pedestrian path invalid with a yellow tape. He understands, however, the desire to preserve the crosswalk. Two possibilities come to his mind: if you make the sidewalk under the junction passable, you can use the crosswalk again. This would be possible through an emergency sidewalk at the new castle. For this purpose, only a few parking spaces on the north side of maxstrabe had to give way temporarily.