About Us

Promtech Group Companies offer a full range of ANTI CORROSION COATINGS, PAINTS, SPECIALITY LUBRICANTS for high and low temperature applications, Products like RUST CONVERTER, RUST REMOVER GELS, SS 304 & 316L Weld Cleaners & Weld Brightners, Very premium quality COLD GALVANIZING ZINC RICH PAINTS, Zinc Metal Sprays, Zink + PTFE Sprays , Heat Resistant HR Aluminium Paints and Sprays, Clear Acrylic Lacquers recommended for Highest Corrosion resistance for all Infra Structure Projects , Power Plants and equipments , Road building projects, Heavy Steel Fabrications, Construction projects using Steel and Galvanized Steel , and Zinc coatings for Re-Bars used in Building construction Industries, to increase the life of the Building Framework structure.

Promtech products confirm to the requirements of most Indian and International standards Specifications. We have highest quality standards , excellent after-sales Technical Support , Off the shelf Supplies to every corner of india and more importantly a very reasonable pricing structure. We are rapidly increasing our distribution network through agents in all major industrial cities in the country.

Promtech has developed aerosol paints and industrial maintenance aerosol products of an outstanding range which have captured a huge industrial market share in the shortest period. The promoters and directors of Promtech, after having been selected by the Netherlands Government sponsored Expo 77 program, one amongst the eight Indian companies, have undergone substantial technical and commercial training at the CBI headquarters in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Nuremberg , Barcelona ,London ,Manchester, Paris, Frankfurt ,Warsaw ,Zurich ,Basel ,Rome and many other centres in Europe.

Our Core team comprises of four members :
Technical & Marketing Director
Administration, Marketing & Sales


General Manager Production
Internet Marketing Executive

We, at Promtech have discovered that Aerosol Products have been the modern tool used by Powder Coating , Liquid Painting and Metal finishing industries. These finishing processes have huge industrial applications in almost every Engineering, Electronics and Sheet Metal Fabrication industry. Very few Indian companies have been using these type of modern practices, as all the aerosol finishing products were being imported into india, from western countries, and were being marketed at exorbitant costs to the Indian industry. Promtech now sells their products all over India either directly or through their dealers. We also export to UAE, Oman, Dubai, Kuwait, Malaysia, Singapore, and other neighbouring countries in the Asian region.